Our Mission


Our farm's focus is on growing the most nutritious produce possible, while working with the ecosystem to maintain and encourage natural diversity. We're also passionate about helping folks develop a relationship with the land. All crops we produce are distributed within 50 miles of the farm, feeding community supported agriculture (CSA) members, folks at the Boulder County Farmers' Markets, local restaurants and elders in need.

Here at Cure Organic Farm we encourage the community to come and join us in the fields. Agriculture is about connecting the community with its local food sources. Educational classes and tours of the farm can be scheduled. Volunteer opportunities are also available.

Tiny beet LAND

We are land stewards, employing organic and biodynamic methods.


We are committed to educating future farmers and others who want to develop a relationship with the land.


We foster a culture of giving, by providing nourishment and our time to those in need.

Our Team

Anne P. Cure

Anne P. Cure

Anne P. Cure is our Farm Manager. Anne has farmed in the pacific northwest at Full Circle Farm, and in Colorado at Short Grass Farm, and Hedgerow Farm. She is thrilled to call Cure Organic Farm home. Anne makes the crop plans and leads us through the seasons in the fields. She is active in working to keep agriculture land in the hands of farmers, and is passionate about bringing more young farmers into the fields. She believes that community involvement is instrumental in the revival of small family farms. Anne is dedicated to using sustainable methods that help to maintain a healthy farm ecosystem, and is often introducing new crops as well as animals into the mix.

Paul Cure

Paul Cure has had an intimate relationship with dirt since he married Anne in 2001. One of his passions on the farm is raising ducks. He is still searching seed catalogs to find the elusive cappuccino seed. His favorite veggie is prosciutto.

Mark Jackson

Mark Jackson is our mechanic, builder and resident inventor. He truly enjoys the dynamics of the farm and takes pride in helping to make the farm better every year. We're extremely happy to have him as part of our

Gretchen McCormick

Gretchen McCormick

Gretchen grew up outside of Pittsburgh, PA. After participating in the internship last year at Cure, Gretchen has come back for a second year as the Markets Manager. She still enjoys doing farm work too – she loves using the International tractor, harvesting pea shoots, and is excited for snap, snow, and English peas (can you tell that they’re her favorite vegetable?). This summer Gretchen is looking forward to sharpening and expanding her farm skill set, while simultaneously growing her teaching skills with the new interns.

Sam Bryant

Born and raised in Burlington, NJ, Sam spent many summers as a teenager and young adult on a corn farm (Ellis Farm) in Yardville, NJ. After graduating from Rider University, Sam spent 1 year working in law enforcement, but found his true calling volunteering with a community garden. After a successful season interning at Fernbrook Farms in NJ, Sam ventured west and accepted an internship at Cure. Besides his passion for the pigs, Sam loves playing soccer, enjoying the outdoor opportunities here & sampling the seeming endless micro breweries.

Erin McMorries

Erin McMorries is originally from Denver, CO. She studied Biology at the University of Texas at Austin and recently moved back to Boulder to begin the internship here at Cure. This is Erin's first experience farming and she really enjoys the baby pigs and working at the Farmer's Market. Erin is a coffee-drinker, traveler, cloud-appreciator, and bee-lover, all of which are great things to like when working her at Cure Organic Farm! She is excited to learn all she can this summer and is looking forward to growing tons of food!

Molly Milota

Molly grew up in Ohio and hopped around the Midwest before coming to Colorado two years ago. She has worked in education as a teacher, advisor, and guidance counselor, but has always had an interest in sustainable agriculture. In her free time, Molly likes to read, drink tea, watch dance videos on YouTube, and name her house plants. She's excited to learn all she can while taking in the farm's fabulous front range views.

Mikinzie Moydell

This is Mikinzie's first time working on a farm and she could not be more excited to be on the Cure Farm team this season! With a degree in wildlife biology from Colorado State University, Mikinzie has always enjoyed being outside and loves animals. During her time at school, she became more interested in land stewardship and after working with private landowners in southern Colorado and northern New Mexico, her interest in farming was peaked. Mikinzie knew that in order to have her own small farm one day she needed to learn all she could about farming and the farming lifestyle. She is thankful that Cure Organic Farm offers such an intensive farm internship and she looks forward to learning and growing in the months ahead. When not on the farm Mikinzie enjoys spending time with her dog, Cora and her family.

Meghan Wikberg

Originally from Chicago, IL Meghan's path to farming began 6 years ago when she worked on a small farm in IL. Although she loved farming, Meghan moved on to complete her degree in soil science. After beginning a research career, Meghan realized she missed the qualities farming fosters; patience, observation, positivity, and acceptance. She missed the physical and mental challenge. But, most importantly Meghan says "I missed the connection made with my community. Some wise person once said, ‘do what makes you happy, not what the world needs;’ lucky for me, what makes me happy is exactly what the world needs. A small, local farm, which implements sustainable management practices is the answer to many of our health, cultural and environmental issues. I want to be a part of that... in addition to being a pig whisperer!"


Connie Findley

Connie Findley maintains Cure Organic Farm's website. She spent many years in the corporate world as a market researcher and loves working with folks less focused on profit and more on sustainable living and community outreach. In her free time she's a playwright and avid baker.

Maggie Shanahan

Maggie grew up in Colorado, but she has spent the past two years in Mexico where she coordinates beekeeping workshops for young farmers in the highlands of Chiapas. She enjoys spending the "off season" at home in Colorado, and she feels lucky to be back at Cure. This summer, Maggie is looking forward to swing dancing, farm time, beekeeping, and tomatoes. She will return to Chiapas in September just in time for another season of bees.

Hector Morales

Héctor Morales is a beekeeper from the state of Chiapas in southern Mexico. His family has 50 beehives and they harvest hundreds of pounds of honey every year. This is Héctor's first time in the U.S. He is excited to join the Cures for six weeks this summer to learn all about raising animals and farming vegetables, and to teach the other farmers about beekeeping. So far his English vocabulary has grown to include 6 varieties of lettuce and important farm phrases such as "YEAH, DUDE!"

Artie Fischer

Artie Fischer comes from a southern Delaware fertilizer family. He arrived in Colorado after years of apple orchard life in coastal Maine. An avid traveler, guitar player, sailor, and history nerd, he is very happy to be part of the team here at Cure and to continue learning and supporting sustainable agriculture in such a beautiful setting with an amazing crew. Come see him and have a chat at the farm store! 

Lindsay Lord

Lindsay Lord grew up in Jacksonville, FL on a small family farm. She spent every summer and winter at her family's cabin in Silverthorne, CO which inspired a passion for the outdoors. While at the University of Alabama, she created a degree in Global Health and Outdoor Leadership, which included an intensive Organic Farming course.  For the last two years, she has been teaching environmental education at the Keystone Science School (KSS). At KSS, she strives to foster an appreciation for the environment through scientific inquiry and outdoor experience. As the Kids' Camp Director she looks forward to empowering youth to look to their own hands in the earth for their food. 

John Ellis

John Ellis is our historical adviser, also known as our non-resident geezer. He remembers when our land was farmed by Mr. Pancost using horses in the 1960's, one of the last farms in the area to use horses. His parents built our farmhouse when he was in high school and he moved our barn and another building from the Pancost homestead, where our farm store is now. John farms 140 acres in Boulder County, growing hay, pumpkins, wheat and squash using organic methods. He also owns a 6 acre peach orchard in Palisade which is managed by our fruit share partners, Rancho Durazno. Besides farming, John makes compost for his farms and for his customers at the Boulder Farmers Market.